Faith facilities today face a big challenge; communicating a timeless message through modern means. Reaching a younger generation while still serving an aging congregation can be difficult, and convincing a church board to invest in it can be even more so. Learn how your budget should be developed for the technology piece of your building.

Mark Brown is the co-founder of Reach Communications, which officially started in 2002. His business partner is his son, Daniel Brown. Mark has served as a key individual for the company in a consulting, design and project management role since the company started. Prior to Reach Communications, he worked as an individual free-lancer for Audio-Visual projects for a number of years, and was also heavily involved in audio, video and stage lighting as a volunteer for church and school throughout his adult life. In addition, previously Mark was employed in the electronics, computer systems, data communications and networking industry as an engineer.  Mark completed an Associate degree, Electronics Technician, at Willmar AVTI (now Ridgewater College), and later earned a BEE (Bachelor Electrical Engineering) from the University of Minnesota.