Deciding to build is a practical expression of your vision. It’s your ideas coming to life. The process can seem daunting but can also be the very step needed to bring new life and keep momentum in a ministry.

As you walk through the start-to-finish process of a new facility, money is an inevitable conversation. From building a team to breaking ground; from choosing a building design to choosing carpet colors, the question of “paying for this” always presents itself.

Mark Thomas of Bank of the West works specifically with churches and ministries, helping them find the right financing solution for their building projects. We are pleased to have him as one of our partners and advocates at the Facility Planning for the Next Generation Seminar. Mark’s an expert on this process for churches, knowing what works and what doesn’t. His expertise keeps them away from unnecessary pitfalls and gives them a bigger vision for their community. A new facility for your church is about more than a building. It’s your vision for what’s next.