The essential first steps to a new facility are discovered by asking the right questions with the right people in the room. In a couple of weeks, our team of builders, architects, consultants, and strategic thinkers will be at the Facility Planning for the Next Generation Workshop. We’ll be talking about how to move your vision for your facility forward. 

There’s more to building or expanding your facility than simply resolving your biggest headaches or creating space for growth. It’s about making the decisions today that will benefit you for years to come. That happens with planning, with strategy, and with expertise. 

When to Move Forward

Exactly when you should move forward with your building project depends on many factors. And “moving forward” doesn’t mean hiring an architect or breaking ground. It’s about knowing your community and how ready they are for your project. It’s about the feasibility of your project’s success in your community.

 Ultimately, it’s about the vision of your ministry and how you’re positioned within your community.

 How to Move Forward

The Facility Planning Workshop is more than a consultation with professionals. It's a conversation with strategists and experts. From your very first steps to the day you move in to your new building, a facility project is a big undertaking. It’s one that requires the right people, the right decisions, and the right strategy. 

Have the right conversations about your facility project. 
Join us at the Facility Planning for the Next Generation Workshop