What would it look like if people could build houses that reflect who they are? What if every family was able to design a custom house that looked and felt exactly like them? The floor plan, color, windows, location, landscaping, and amenities? What if every one of us had the chance to design our family’s space in a way that was an exact representation of our family’s culture?

Knowing Who You Are

This obviously isn’t possible for most families and in most neighborhoods. Many times, we simply adapt our lives to the space available. This custom design and representation is a possibility, however, for worship communities…at least in part. When a church decides it’s time to build, they have the chance to reflect their vision in every detail of their new facility. What they care about—who they are—can be woven into the fabric of the building plan.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily true across the board. Budgets dictate plans, as do timelines, economic conditions, and committees. But the process of building, whether it’s new construction, a remodel, redesign, or repurpose, is an ideal opportunity to put who you are into the details of your space. It requires honest self-assessment, where you’ve been as well as where you’re going, and how you are going to get there.

It requires an understanding
of your brand.

Perhaps it seems odd to think about churches as having “brands,” because brands are often associated with businesses. However, “brands” are nothing more than the compilation of values, beliefs, and actions. They are what others believe to be true about us. Brands both reflect who we are and direct where we’ll go.

A full understanding of your brand before getting into a construction project for your church community isn't just a nice idea. Brand matters when you build.

Without it, you’ll never build something that feels like you. You’ll never build something that looks as unique as your community. A brand protects your church from getting lost amidst urgency, demands, or the pressure to look like someone else. It keeps you from letting your goals and purposes become derailed by details and others’ perceptions. It’s your safeguard from scattered passions and worn-thin ministries.

Before you build, learn your brand.
It anchors you while also moving you forward.

If you need to discover your brand, we can help! As contractors, architects, designers, financing experts, and marketing professionals, we help churches discover who they are and how to express it in the spaces they create. Together we connect churches with the team and resources that they need to succeed with their building project.


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