The facility where your community gathers may or may not feel like it reflects your worship community. Perhaps you’ve inherited space from a previous church. Perhaps you’ve been renting space and now have set your eyes on a new lot to house your building. Perhaps your identity has shifted, or decades have passed, since your last construction project.

The building you occupy—or will someday—should reflect your community, both who you are and who you want to become.

In his book, Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend, Andy Stanley said, “We believe circles are better than rows.” In this statement, he’s not commenting on seating arrangements. He’s not prescribing space management solutions for churches. He’s making a statement about vision. It’s a statement about relationships, what it means to have a culture that engages people in honest, loving dialogue, and how to create space for authentic community.

The facility that you’re dreaming of constructing, buying, remodeling, or repurposing for your church community is much more than a building. It’s more than a blueprint, building permits, city codes, construction materials, and a huge step of faith. It’s also more than a commitment from generous donors or an effort to bring your church up to date.

Your church building is your vision brought to life in bricks & mortar.

Your building reflects the things that matter most to you. It displays what you care about; whether it’s education, fellowship, teaching, community service, or the arts. Depending on where you’re at in the process of your building project, whether you’re daydreaming a lofty ideal space or preparing to flip on lights for the first time, your facility is the tangible expression of your vision. 

What if you don’t know what your vision is?
There are ways to figure that out.

Perhaps you know your vision but can’t imagine how you’ll ever afford what your community needs.
There are people who can help you set that course.

Not quite sure where you’re at in this process?
You’re not alone. 

Your building is more than the bricks and mortar that surround you now or will surround you in the future. As church communities build toward the expansion of their facilities, there comes a moment in time when they must step back and look at the difference between the building they’re in and the vision that’s gotten them there.

We can help you navigate this process each step of the way.  As contractors, architects, designers, financing experts, and marketing professionals, we help churches discover who they are and how to express it in the spaces they create for their worship communities.


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