Facility Planning for Today...and Tomorrow

Future generations will inherit the properties we develop and the churches we build. They’ll need to decide how to adapt, remodel, and expand the spaces we’re developing today, just like we do with the facilities we’ve inherited.

The spaces we create will age. They’ll become antiquated; they’ll be outdated. They’ll also need to reflect shifting culture, changing demands, and new technology.

This is why it matters that we’re building with a view to the future. While we can’t know what the demands will be in twenty years, we still have a responsibility to be strategic at every step. The way we plan, finance, develop, design, and build: Each of these factors matter if we’re truly building with future generations in mind.

Facility Planning for the Next Generation

When we partner with churches for their building projects, we aim to show how our expertise equips them to make better decisions for their facility planning…from start to finish. It’s not just about reacting to needs; it’s about being strategic. Wherever you’re at in the process of remodeling, building, or expanding a church facility, our experience and workshop can provide the training, and tools needed to make the right moves for your community.

Our May workshop answers the “how” for facility planning in more than one way—from how to build the right committee to how to build the right facility, from how to plan your financing to how to plan your future. Our expertise in planning, architecture, fundraising, and ultimately building gives you a workshop to unpack your unique vision and a support system to succeed, no matter which direction you go.

So join us this May for a workshop you won’t forget. With our strategic partnerships, we are experts on multiple fronts, specializing in the many different dynamics of facility development and expansion. From planning to fundraising, financing, and construction, the process demands a lot from your facility planning team…and that’s why we’re here!

To learn more about what we do and how our expertise can help churches build with a view the future, check out our resources!