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A building project is more than a vision for growth or bricks and mortar. Standing in between your dreams for your facility and your ability to make them happen is an important, often intimidating, conversation about fundraising. How much will your building project cost? How will you pay for it? How will your church community respond if you start raising money?

Hal and Katie Johnson walk with churches and organizations as they navigate these questions and the challenges that they bring with them. Over the past 45 years, they have helped 301 church communities raise over $315,000,000 in financial commitments from community members. They have experience and strategy to help you avoid fracturing your membership as funds are raised for your project. They also have perspective that can help your church make fundraising initiatives unique, life-giving, and reflective of your individual church culture.

Paying for your project requires more than deep pockets or a well-structured campaign. It requires a funding strategy as unique as your community.